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The 2015 Cambridge Science Festival

Welcome to the twenty-first Cambridge Science Festival. The year 2015 is the UNESCO International Year of Light and Light based Technologies and we have some fascinating light-themed talks and hands-on activities on offer during the Festival fortnight. Events will be recreating famous experiments which led to our...

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Speaker spotlight - Helen Scales

Fans of BBC radio programmes, including Inside Science, Shared Planet and Saving Species, will already be familiar with the underwater scientific exploits of marine biologist and author, Dr Helen Scales. Since graduating with a PhD from the University of Cambridge, she has been exploring the biology, ecology and myths...

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Healthy ideas

A tasty selection of events with a focus on health. How do diets work, overcoming antibiotic overuse, cancer evolution described using football as an analogy and why sharing our health data will lead to better treatments for us all.

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Serious free fun with science

Discover what your facebook says about you, get hands-on at the Corn Exchange, find out more about the statistics of our intimate lives and see how scientific knowledge can spread in the wild, messy world of popular culture.

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Total Comedy

Join us for a thought-provoking laugh at Cambridge Science Festival. Helen Arney is in her element, Robin Ince aims to work out why we believe what we believe and the Festival of the Spoken Nerd will be speaking nerdy to us all.

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Perky performances to pique your mind

From the lives of Newton and Darwin to tales of life in space and a chance to see your own thoughts.

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Latest news

The Science of Invention

6 March 2015

The 21 st Cambridge Science Festival, which starts on Monday and runs for two weeks, will include events exploring human creativity and invention. Throughout the Festival, Cambridge will be invaded by a Mars rover, will play host to the future of electricity and artificial lights and will celebrate some of the most...

Science at the cinema

4 March 2015

An evocative series of science-based short films will premiere at this year’s Cambridge Science Festival, which starts on Monday and runs for two weeks. Part of the Cambridge Shorts film series, these films are produced in collaboration between filmmakers and University of Cambridge researchers. The three films in this...

Making light of art and science

4 March 2015

During the UNESCO international year of light, the Cambridge Science Festival 2015, which starts on Monday and runs for two weeks, is staging a series of events that reveal what different uses of light can teach us about the history of human society, how it has helped us make sense of the world we live in and what it could...

What can Cambridge scientists learn from Facebook?

3 March 2015

Could Facebook help to build bridges between societies around the world? Could it even hold the key to understanding our feelings of love, or really help us find our perfect match? Smart phones and social media have had a big effect on the way people interact and form relationships. At the 21 st Cambridge Science Festival...

Do we have any chance of fixing climate change?

2 March 2015

According to one of the speakers at this year’s Cambridge Science Festival (9-22 March), “there are currently no ‘quick fixes’ on the table that can enable us to continue with the levels of industrialisation and economic growth that we are accustomed to, without this resulting in dangerous levels of climate change in the...

Festival information

Cambridge Science Festival 2015
9 - 22 March 2015

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