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Friday 18 March: 5:00pm - 7:30pm

MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, 15 Chaucer Road, CB2 7EF

Pictures of You is a play inspired by the ‘mental imagery’, emotion and the study and treatment of bipolar disorder. Pictures of You presents the intriguing meeting of two friends after many years apart. Full of unexpected lightness, warmth and love, the play explores the challenge of recalling the past and picturing the future…

We will showcase scenes from the play to discuss how different thinking styles and cognitions impact on emotions and how this can become extreme in mental disorders. We will also talk about how the arts are inspired by science and represent mental health.
5-6pm: Pictures of You Part 1 - 'Imagine...' An unusual picnic with scenes from the future
followed by: Alex Lau Zhu, Julie Ji, and Caitlin Hitchcock discuss how mental images, rumination and other thinking biases can change the way we feel.

Alex Lau Zhu & Julie Ji are doctoral students the from the emotional disorders and mental imagery group, MRC Cognition and Brain Science Unit, running projects on flashbacks and imagery in low mood.
Caitlin Hitchcock is a clinical psychologist and investigator scientist in the emotion group, at the MRC - CBU, working on depression

6.15-7.30 pm: Pictures of You Part 2 - 'Cut!' Intrusions from the past under an umbrella
followed by: Muzaffer Kaser, Akeem Sule, Craig Baxter, Amit Biswat, Phil Barnard (TBC) and experts by experience from the Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (chaired by Martina Di Simplicio) discuss their experience of collaborations between arts and sciences in the field of mental health. What can scientist learn from how the arts represent their work? Is it important that mental illness and wellbeing are represented by the arts?

Muzaffer Kaser is a psychiatrist and doctoral student in Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge working on cognitive function in depression.
Akeem Sule is a psychiatrist in the South Essex Partnership Trust, and Co-founder of HIP HOP PSYCH together with Dr Becky Inkster. HIP HOP PSYCH is an initiative that promotes hip-hop music and culture as a powerful vehicle for raising awareness about mental health.
Craig Baxter is a playwright with an interest in science. He is the author of Re:Design (about Charles Darwin and Asa Gray), Let Newton Be! (about Isaac Newton), Somniloquy (about the evolution of sleep) and Pictures of You.
Amit Biswas is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has used arts, dance theatres, cinema and play in mental health and about mental health over many. His feature film ‘ Bridge’ focusses on healing and transformation and is currently doing Festival circuits around the world ( www. His musical 'Maya' was taken up by the Royal College of Psychiatrists as a part of their ‘’Changing Mind’’ campaign against stigmatisation of mental illnesses.
Philip Barnard is a cognitive scientist with longstanding interdisciplinary interests. Since 2003 he has been collaborating with Wayne McGregor | Random Dance on developing productive synergies between choreographic processes and our knowledge of cognitive neuroscience.
Martina Di Simplicio is a psychiatrist and career development fellow at the MRC Cognition and Brain Scientist Unit working on mental imagery in bipolar disorder

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