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Focus on performance

Laughs and serious science through comedy, song, dance, poetry and performance at this year's Cambridge Science Festival.

Events include:

Monday 13 March

Jon Adams: Games with the Water Horse
Jon Adams is a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist whose work references his synaesthesia and Aspergers. He weaves into his intimate performance fragments of autobiography, science and hidden metaphor.

Chromos: Zoom into the the 3D structure of our chromosomes
Working with Max Cooper and Andy Lomas has allowed Babraham Institute researchers to explore chromosome architecture and interactions through an audio-visual experience, and now you can explore these interactions too.

Tuesday 14 March

Danaus, mythical king, meets Danaus, butterfly genus, in this musical exploration of murdered males and the intersections of science, poetry and performance. Conceived for the mezzo-soprano, Cerys Purser, Tim Watts’s new piece of music theatre is fuelled by the collision of Simon Martin’s genetic research with two Greek myths.

Thursday 16 March

Level up human
We'll soon be able to edit our genome, travel in driverless cars, hug companion robots but how would you improve humans? Join host Simon Watt, comedian Samantha Baines, and Wellcome Genome Campus researchers for Level Up Human, an optimistic podcast with ambition for the human race.

Bright Club
The Thinking Person's Variety Night - we've brought together Cambridge's funniest scientists to try their hand at stand-up.

Tuesday 21 March

Engineering ShowOff
A night of chaotic comedy cabaret featuring eight of Cambridge's most exciting engineers telling jokes about their work for the first time, hosted by Steve Cross

Thursday 23 March

Cambridge Junction presents Breath Control by Caroline Wright
Breath Control is about the inhalations and exhalations that form the melody, rhythm and punctuation of our everyday existence. It brings together scientific, medical, musical and philosophical perspectives in a performance that will cause you to – literally – catch your breath.

Cambridge Junction presents Sulphur by Shelia Ghelani
A chemical element. A part of you. A hellish tale. A kind of love story. Sulphur is a poetic and choreographic ensemble performance which considers the history and mythology of the element, its role within industry, climate change and its existence within our bodies.

Friday 24 March

An Evening of Unnecessary Detail
Hosted by Steve Mould and Helen Arney, an event where enthusiasts, scientists, miscellaneous experts and comedians to talk about whatever they want!

Everyone is right! Performing Cornelius Cardew's graphic score
A performance in which a group of musicians, artists and scholars collectively investigate the relationship between sounds and sign, between lines and music to find out what happens when one is confronted with a musical score that doesn’t make sense?

Sunday 26 March

Cambridge Junction presents Ensonglopedia of Science
A song about science for every letter of the alphabet. Expect atoms, Big Bangs, cells, X-rays, Y-chromosomes, zoology... With John Hinton, expect the unexpected. And expect it to rhyme.