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Saturday 25 March highlights

Around the City

Theater of plants: herbs, honey and horticulture over five centuries
A showcase of 500 years of human encounters with plants and Christ's College Old Library
Discovering humanity through human evolutionary studies
An opportunity to visit the Leverhulume Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies and see how cutting edge science and archaeology is used to discover the origins of humanity.
Under the knife at St. John's: a medical histroy of disease and dissection
See manuscripts, incunabula, artefacts and illustrations demonstrating medical beliefs and perceptions from the 13th century on and featuring plenty of potions, plague and pestilence.

Anglia Ruskin University

Talks for curious minds of all ages today at Anglia Ruskin University

Doctor Who made them into a scientist Dr Marek Kukula and Simon Guerrier explain how even when not trying to be educational, TV drama needs to get its science right.
Equality at work in science and technology professions after Brexit A panel discussion on the experiences and challenges of working STEM professions, equality and diversity and the role of Trade Unions.
A roller-coaster guide to exploring the mind with technology Dr Sharon Morein discusses the ethical, legal and social issues arising from modern research into the mind.
Gamify yourself towards a smarter future Dr Jan Storgards and colleagues show how digital games can be used as a source of motivation to change lifestyle behaviours in health, learning and environmental sustainability.
Attraction explained: the science of how we form relationships Professor Viren Swami draws on cutting-edge research to provide a ground-breaking and evidence-based account of how we form relationships.
Unfairness ruffles crows' feathers People, primates and dogs all react negatively when others get a better reward for doing the same work. But what about clever birds? Dr Claudia Wascher shows how crows, trained to exchange tokens for food, respond when treated unequally.
The media matters for men and women
Dr Magdalena Zawisza shows how the media can affect both men and women personally and what can be done about it.

West Cambridge

From engines to animals, atoms to stars, imaging to custard bazookas, join us for hands-on activities and talks across our West Cambridge Site. Visit:

Schools Zone in the Hauser Forum to take part in exciting demonstrations from the next generation of scientists, mathematicians and engineers.
Maths Public Open Day to discover the maths behind the Big Bang, number theory, geometry, modelling Arctic sea ice and how epidemics spread.
Open Afternoon at the Institute of Astronomy to meet our scientists and our telescopes.
Cavendish Laboratory Open Day for physics talks and experiments, our pop up planeterium and CHaOS! And the chance to step into the anti-gravity box!
Institute for Manufacturing for laser racing, laser lab tours hands-on activities and to find out how personalising prodution is closer than we might think.
The Whittle Laboratory to see how jet engines and turbo-machines work.
The Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy for talks including a tour of jet engines materialsplanetary magentic records, the role of materials in medical implants and nanogenerators, and hands-on activities to discover more about the materials used in jet engines.