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Sunday 26 March highlights

Around the City

Discovering humanity through human evolutionary studies
An opportunity to visit the Leverhulume Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies and see how cutting edge science and archaeology is used to discover the origins of humanity.

Science on Sunday talks at the Botanic Garden
Dr Matt Davey explains what links Antarctic Snow Algae, Scottish Salmon and the Botanic Garden.

Local wildlife
Find out about local plants and animals at Wandlebury and explore how we monitor their numbers and increase biodiversity.

Cambridge Junction presents Ensonglopaedia of Science
A song about science for every letter of the alphabet, with John Hinton, expect the unexpected. And expect it to rhyme!

Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Hands-on science at the UTC Open Day A chance to explore some of the life-changing medical research conducted here in Cambridge and to discover how this research is translated into new treatments in our hospitals and the community, and new medicines from the pharmaceutical industry.

The tale of the Campus: from test tube to treatment Take a tour of an operating theatre, drop in at the teddy bear clinic. Try your hand at ‘surgery’ and meet the wonderful medical detection dogs. Discover how blood cancers are diagnosed, understand the critical role of the pharmacy and find out how the Campus will develop in the future.

A personalised approach to cancer research
Take a short walk to the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute where over 300 scientists are researching why and how cancer starts, grows and spreads. Talk to scientists based in labs here and at the MRC Cancer Unit to find out about the therapies and techniques they are developing to detect cancer sooner and treat the disease more effectively.

DNA Lab by University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment on Flickr, licensed under CC-BY 2.0