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Thank you everyone, we've had a fabulous two weeks!

31 March 2017

After a wonderful two weeks of science, 301 events and over 60,000 visits, the Cambridge Science Festival is finished for another year.

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Looking forward to the weekend!

21 March 2017

The annual two-week celebration of science culminates this weekend, following a packed programme of many sell-out events investigating the theme of ‘getting personal’.

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Junior boffins take science to the masses at Cambridge Science Festival Schools Zone

21 March 2017

Can woodlice be trained, do toys stop you fidgeting and could you work out whodunit are just some of the questions posed by student boffins in this year’s Cambridge Science Festival Schools Zone.

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Tackling climate change: whose responsibility is it?

15 March 2017

What changes need to be made if we are to avoid climate chaos and meet the aspirations of the Paris Climate Agreement? And whose responsibility is it to make these changes: individuals, companies, nations or all three?

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Cambridge Science Festival begins today

13 March 2017

Do aliens exist? Can brain scans reveal our naughtiest thoughts? And what’s the point of teenagers, anyhow? These are just some of the questions which will be tackled at the Cambridge Science Festival, which kicks off today.

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Cambridge Science Festival explores the many facets of dementia

7 March 2017

Currently, there are no existing treatments able to affect the progression of diseases that cause dementia and, as such, there is a desperate need to find new ways to help the growing number of people living with the condition.

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Cambridge Science Festival lifts the lid on teenagers

1 March 2017

Most parents have lived through the 2am feedings, toddler temper tantrums, and the back-to-school blues. So why does the word ‘teenager’ give rise to so much worry? Could it be memories of our own teenage years?

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The march of the machines: Cambridge Science Festival explores the ever-changing world of AI

24 February 2017

Why is AI so racist? How do we deal with technologies that delve into our personal relationships? Could AI help us to understand the human mind?

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Knowing me, knowing you: Cambridge Science Festival gets personal

22 February 2017

Could the latest brain scans ‘read our minds’ and reveal all our naughty, secret thoughts? How does the gut change the brain’s view of the world? How well do we really know ourselves? Could the size of our brains affect whether we identify as politically left wing or right wing?

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Bookings open on Monday!

17 February 2017

Time to pick your favourite events! Lots to choose from and bookings open at 10.30AM on Monday 20 February.

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