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Psychology and neuroscience in the new tech society

8 February 2016

Who are we in this new tech society and can smartphones really make us happier? How do we make decisions? What is the science behind romantic attraction? And what does it mean to be conscious?

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Artificial intelligence and rise of the machines: Cambridge Science Festival 2016

20 January 2016

Will artificial intelligence be superior to or as creative as the human brain? Should we be worried about quantum computing? Or should we harness rather than hate the digital deluge?

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The 2015 Science Festival is bigger than ever

23 March 2015

The 2015 Cambridge Science Festival finished on a high.

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The next generation of science

18 March 2015

A highpoint of the last weekend will be Schools’ Zone on Saturday and on Sunday, the Festival returns to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

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The ‘cutting edge’ of science at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus

17 March 2015

What does the future hold for medical research?

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Life Sciences in the picture

13 March 2015

A visual demonstration of current biological research at the University of Cambridge.

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Cambridge Science Festival on track for biggest weekend yet

11 March 2015

A city-wide extravaganza of free lectures, drop-in sessions and science events for visitors of all ages.

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The promise of stem cells

10 March 2015

Surprising insights and the latest ground-breaking advances in stem cell research are put under the microscope at this year’s Cambridge Science Festival, which started on Monday and runs for two weeks. The potential use of stem cells to treat disease, including diabetes, heart disease, dementia and cancer, and the...

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The roles and responsibilities of universities in relation to planetary sustainability

10 March 2015

What are the challenges that Universities face in terms of managing research and investment portfolios, which interface with external partners? How should Universities respond to public scrutiny of these activities, and perceptions about their ethical responsibilities to current and future generations, and the planet...

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Introducing the ‘stars’ of Cambridge Science

9 March 2015

The Cambridge Science Festival, which started today and runs for two weeks, celebrates world-leading science. As part of the Festival, seven leading scientists, the Cambridge Stars , will be discussing their glittering careers and latest research breakthroughs across two events, on 12 & 19 March. From star formation...

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