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2018 teasers

Watch event teasers and Tell Me About... videos below


Hack your brain - this Saturday at Storey's Field Centre in Eddington - as part of Cambridge Science Festival Join Ginny Smith as she explores the ways nerves cells send messages through our brain and body, and shows how we can hijack these signals to control the movements of another person! Tours and activites from 10.30AM-2.30PM - Everyone welcome, no need to book!


Mobile devices are often with us 24/7. These mobile companions know a lot about our interests and friends, and sensors embedded in them also offer a incredibly rich window into society as a whole. Is this information reliable? How can we exploit it while respecting user privacy? Professor Cecilia Mascolo discusses the challenges and opportunities of technology that is revolutionizing the future of a wide variety of domains ranging from health care to how cities function. Hear her at - Small but mighty data: what mobile devices can tell about us.


Over one billion people world-wide are infected with intestinal worms. Life in a networkDr Goylette Chami talks about her work with blood flukes, her collaboration with the Ministry of Health Uganda and the effect of social networks on deworming treatment programmes.


We all do drugs - Dr David Belin, Department of Psychology, discusses impulsive/compulsive disorders such as drug addiction and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Pre-book for this event here.


Dr Hugh Hunt introduces the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series panel event. Join us to discuss the current state of our global climate, solutions and actions. Attend the event or watch live, online on 15 March 2018.


If you're curious about why there are no living things with wheels, no walking plants, no mermaids, unicorns or dragons, join Zoologist, Dr Matt Wilkinson as he performs Why are there no Dragons? at this year's Cambridge Science Festival. See you there!


Professor Robin Franklin uses a knitted neuron to explain the connection between stem cells and Multiple Sclerosis therapies. The Big Stem Cell Knit is an exciting collaboration between the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute and Neural Knitworks.


Did the Victorians ruin the world? Have your vote - NB voting restricted to male, land-owning gentry registered before 1819! Join Helen and Kat Arney who dissect the dark underbelly of this “golden” era, with special guest Dr Hugh Hunt, in a show inspired by their recent BBC Radio 4 series.


Hear from Dr Iris Möller, at the Department of Geography, about the events line-up for Cambridge Science Festival. Find out more about plants that protect people from flooding, how the speed of water is measured in a wave flume and equipment used to find solutions to surviving in a world threatened by climate change. Drop-in all day on 17 March from 10.30am-4pm. Pre-book for Sesning the flow here.


This does not make any sense... as part of Cambridge Science Festival March 2018 Dr Ljiljana Fruk discusses discoveries and molecules, which despite not making any sense to begin with, have nevertheless rocked our world and changed the way we live.


'Is it safe to meddle with the climate when we only have one earth?' asks Dr Hugh Hunt at Refreezing the Arctic event in March - last of Cambridge Physics Centre Sixth Form lecture programme.


New infectious diseases are discovered all over the world, but only some of them become epidemics. How do we know which diseases to worry about, and which we have under control? Dr Amy Mason talks about Pathogen: a game of epidemic proportions, an event where participants find out how the world tackles these issues.


The multispectral capacity of satellite-based sensors lets us ‘see’ beyond the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Dr Hector Orengo and Dr Toby Wilkinson present visually colourful case-studies in archaeological satellite remote sensing and ask how this technology can allow us to ‘touch’ the past from afar?


​As part of Cambridge Science Festival Dr Sarah Kuppen, expert in child development, invites questions from parents which she will answer at 'Making sense of the early years event', at Anglia Ruskin University. Email your questions to


Tell me about... The Manufacturing Zone. The Institute of Manufacturing opens its doors for a day of activities on 24 March as part of Cambridge Science Festival. Professor Tim Minshall talks about it to the Tell me about... team. Booking and more info for various events here.


Prepare to be amazed, confounded and confused as you find out your senses aren’t as simple as they seem…and even discover some senses you never knew you had. Ginny Smith gives us a fast-paced tour of the human brain click here to see more.