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Bits and pieces: secrets of the digital world

Saturday 16 March: 11:45am - 12:45pm

Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site Downing Street, CB2 3RS

The world sends more messages today than ever before. Through the internet we email, and tweet, and instagram. And those messages are in code. This may not be surprising, but even those codes contain more secrets than you realise.

Dr James Grime will reveal how film studios know if you are sharing movies illegally. How to hide a secret message on the internet in plain sight. And the ingenious maths within a CD that allows it to keep playing.

James will also reveal a World War II code machine even more secret and difficult than the famous Enigma, and how too that code was broken. And introduce the Golden Age Hollywood actress and secret inventor who came up with an idea still used in WiFi today.

Dr James Grime is a mathematician and public speaker. Formerly of the Millennium Mathematics Project for the University of Cambridge, James now runs The Enigma Project and travels the world giving public talks on the history and mathematics of codes and code breaking. James is also a presenter of the YouTube channel numberphile.

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