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Café Sci Cambridge

Tuesday 10 March: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Espresso Library, 210 East Rd, CB1 1BG

Grab a coffee with a large slice of science at Café Sci! Part of our season of events exploring the latest ideas in science and technology join us for a lively discussion about a contemporary topic.

In highland Ethiopia, a giant banana relative provides the staple food for 20 million people. It’s versatility and resilience, in a country more commonly known for food insecurity, has earned it the title of ‘the Tree Against Hunger’. But outside of Ethiopia, this remarkable plant is barely known.

The Ethiopian banana is not alone. Around the world, more than 30,000 plant species have documented uses, yet day to day we exploit just a handful of these. What does this simplification of our domesticated flora mean for humanity, faced with impending climatic and environmental challenges over the coming century? What will we be eating a century from now?

Join Dr James Borrell, Kew Gardens, to explore this important topic.

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Café Sci Cambridge is coordinated by the Public Engagement team at the Wellcome Genome Campus, home to two of the world's leading institutes in genomics and computational biology, the Wellcome Sanger Institute and EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute.

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