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Discover the most important organ you never knew you had!

Saturday 16 March: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Department of Pathology, Tennis Court Road, CB2 1QP

For the first nine months of our lives we are totally dependent on our placenta. While our other organs are developing, our placenta provides all our needs: it removes waste products, transports the food and chemicals we use to build our bodies and also takes control of our mother's metabolism to ensure the needs of the growing baby are met. The placenta derives from a unique cell type called trophoblast. Find out how we are discovering that the growth and development of this vital organ is controlled by trophoblast cells talking to your mother's immune system, and how this can control the size of your brain!

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Phone: 01223 766766

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Age: All ages, Hands-on, Drop in, Free