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Discoveries leading to new treatments for dementia

Monday 18 March: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site Downing Street, CB2 3RS

Giovanna Mallucci is Professor of Clinical Neurosciences and Associate Director of the UK Dementia Research Institute. She discusses how research is transforming our understanding of the cellular mechanisms that make brain cells go wrong in dementia and degenerative brain disease and how these insights may be translated into new treatments.

Professor Giovanna Mallucci has undergraduate degrees in Physiological Sciences and Medicine from the University of Oxford, with clinical training at University College, London. She obtained her PhD from London University, for which she generated the first adult onset mouse model of prion protein knockout that paved the way to her discoveries about reversibility of early neurodegeneration and underlying mechanisms.

Her work on the role of the UPR in neurodegenerative disease and its pharmacological manipulation was hailed as “turning point in search for medicines to control and prevent Alzheimer’s” and was the 2013/2014 Research for Society MRC success story
Since her PhD she has combined clinical work and basic research and led groups in the MRC Prion Unit (2001-2008) and the MRC Toxicology Unit (2008-present), before moving to Cambridge, where, as well as running her own lab, she is now setting up the UK Dementia Research Institute Centre at the University of Cambridge. She is also Honorary Consultant Neurologist at Addenbrooke's Hospital specialising in Dementia. Her own lab is pioneering interventions targeting common pathways for treatment of dementia.

She has received numerous national and international awards for her work, including a SciAm50 award for leadership in research as one of the top 50 scientific innovators worldwide, and has given many plenary and keynote talks at international conferences. She is an ERC Consolidator Fellow. In 2017, she was elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

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