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An Evening of Unnecessary Detail

Friday 24 March: 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Cambridge Union Society, 9A Bridge Street, CB2 1UB

An Evening of Unnecessary Detail is, in short, an event where 80% of the words in the title start with a vowel and of the 16 unique letters in the title, 31.25% of them are used more than once. It’s also an event hosted by Steve Mould and Helen Arney (Festival of the Spoken Nerd) where enthusiasts, scientists, miscellaneous experts and comedians to talk about whatever they want.

Guests include:
- Scientifically verified spoken word from ROBIN LAMBOLL
- A Physicist’s Guide to Laser Safety Classification with MICHAEL CONTERIO
- Batteries (in unnecessary detail) from Polar Museum curator CHARLOTTE CONNELLY
- Living the Most Statistically Probable Day with visual perception researcher KATE STORRS
- Musical stylings and scientific musings in songs by PROFESSOR KARMADILLO

Festival of the Spoken Nerd is the science comedy phenomenon that will tickle your ribs and light your Bunsen burner. Together, experiments maestro Steve Mould, geek songstress Helen Arney and stand-up mathematician Matt Parker have been featured on Qi, created a genuinely “experimental” comedy show for BBC Radio 4, played the Hammersmith Apollo with Professor Brian Cox and toured their latest show to the Edinburgh Fringe and an audience of 15 kilo-people around the UK. They have also created “An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail” which is, exactly as the title suggests, full of enthusiasts, scientists, miscellaneous experts and comedians talking in unnecessary detail about whatever they want.
Twitter: @FOTSN
Facebook: /FestivalOfTheSpokenNerd
YouTube: /FOTSN

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01223 357851

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Age: Adults, Performance, Arrive on time, £10