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FULLY BOOKED - Genome editing in ageing research: what's acceptable and what's not?

Thursday 14 March: 11:00am - 2:00pm

Babraham Institute, Babraham Research Campus, CB2 3AT

The latest tool in life sciences laboratories around the world is CRISPR-Cas, a genome editing technique that allows scientists to make changes in the genetic material of a cell or an entire organism in an easier, cheaper and faster way than any other previous techniques.

CRISPR-Cas has countless applications for human and animal health, the environment and food supply. However, with every great technology come ethical, scientific and social challenges. What risks and opportunities does genome editing technology present to society? What are the ethical considerations of modifying human genomes and are they taken into account in research?

The workshop will revolve around potential future scenarios of ageing research using genome editing that we might encounter as the field progresses. The students will participate in three interactive sessions to discuss common questions and perceptions about the use of genome editing, developing their understanding further and providing them with the opportunity to ask researchers questions and develop critical thinking skills.

Engaging young adults in these conversations is particularly important as they may be the first generation with access to future potential genome editing treatments or grow up alongside a society where these kind of treatments become clinically available. This workshop will equip the students to think about what kind of future they want to live in and to participate in these conversations.

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