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LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR: Did the Victorians ruin the world?

Saturday 17 March: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Department of Engineering, Trumpington Street, CB2 1PZ

What would life be like now if the Victorians had engineered things differently? If the internal combustion engine and water flushing toilets hadn’t taken off during Victoria’s reign, would we all be driving round in clean, green electric cars - and spending our pennies in hi-tech biogas-producing waterless earth closets today?

Comedian Helen Arney (Festival of the Spoken Nerd, BBC2 Coast) and science writer and broadcaster Kat Arney (How To Code A Human, Naked Scientists) have put aside their sibling rivalry to dissect the dark underbelly of this “golden” era, in a show inspired by their recent BBC Radio 4 series. With special guest, Dr Hugh Hunt (Department of Engineering) prepare for history to meet hilarity as they combine sharp wits, true facts and tiny top hats in an event that respectfully begs to differ.

Did the Victorians ruin the world? Join us to find out, and vote on whether you would change it back! NB: voting restricted to male land-owning gentry registered before 1819.

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Age: 8+, Talk, Arrive on time, Free