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LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR - I’m a confused consumer, get me out of here!

Tuesday 12 March: 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Department of Plant Sciences, Lecture Theatre, Downing Site Downing Street, CB2 3EA

Every time we go to the supermarket we are overwhelmed by information, new products and marketing strategies, ever changing prices and complicated labelling. Food manufacturers and retailers are more interested than ever in understanding our preferences and behaviour as consumers but, with so much information, how can we healthily navigate between choices and what can the food sector do to help us? In this series of talks, we will discover the science behind consumer behaviour and how both industry and consumers can benefit from it.
Hosted by the Cambridge Global Food Security Interdisciplinary Research Centre.

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Telephone number:
01223 766766

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Partial access - please call for details
Phone: 01223 766766

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Age: All ages, Talk, Arrive on time, Free