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LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR - Thinking the healthy way: does thinking style relate to mental wellness?

Saturday 16 March: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Department of Psychology, Downing Street, CB2 3EB

The Mental Health Foundation estimates that 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem (e.g., different types of depression and anxiety). In addition to causing personal distress, mental health problems can drive disability and disease, affect close relationships, communities, and wider society. Several factors contribute to mental health problems, including how we think about ourselves, others, and the world around us, regardless of which beliefs we hold. Can we change the way we think without changing what we think? For the past decade, the IC Thinking Research Group (Department of Psychology) has been developing a method for enabling people to hold on to their own core convictions while changing how they think. IC stands for ‘integrative complexity’ and describes our ‘thinking style’. In the face of difference and disagreement, we usually react by thinking in simple, rigid categories (low IC), predicting destructive conflict or even violence. However, we can learn to think in more flexible, complex ways, remaining open to new information and collaboration despite disagreement (high IC). This way of thinking predicts more peaceful outcomes to conflict.

During this chaired panel, five experts in public mental health from Pakistan, Sweden, Northern Ireland, and the UK will explore how ICthinking® group interventions developed by Cambridge University researchers can help to promote public mental health. Across very diverse cultures and populations IC interventions have been empirically validated to increase both mental resilience and pro-social engagement. While there is no magic bullet for the challenges of mental health, we suggest that IC intervention science has a key role to play in public mental health promotion.

Information about IC Thinking, Chair, and Panelists: , (departmental web-site)
• Dr David Good, Chair –
• Dr Feriha Peracha, Panelist – (See Chapter 7)
• Prof Valerie DeMarinis, Panelist – Professor, University of Uppsala: ; Professor, Universitiy of Umeå: ; Research Director of the Public Mental Health Promotion and Existential Health Area, Innlandet Hospital Trust, Norway
• Prof Siobhan O’Neill, Panelist – Professor, University of Ulster:
• Dr Russell Razzaque, Panelist – Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of Research, NHS
• To be confirmed: Prof Claire Hughes, Panelist – Professor, University of Cambridge:

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