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LIMITED TICKETS MAY BE AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR - Quantum computers: the ultimate tools for discovery

Monday 18 March: 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Jesus College, West Court, Jesus Lane, CB5 8BL

We all have seen many reports in the press about quantum computers. These novel machines, which fully harness the "weirdness" of quantum mechanics, are supposed to soon outperform all classical computers and thereby to change the world. They shall only make better predictions for which books or videos you might like, but also to revolutionize the search for new materials and drugs, to cure cancer, and to even solve the problem of traffic jams.

During this talk, Dr Ulrich Schneider will look at the foundations of these claims, starting with the basic principles of their operations - the superposition principle aka quantum weirdness, and then have a look at their current status and realistic future prospects for the short and medium term.

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