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Lives of stars: adventures out of this world

Wednesday 20 March: 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Mill Lane Lecture Rooms , 8 Mill Lane, CB2 1RW

Around flickering flames and within the ornate walls of royal courts, tales were woven around the stars and their patterns. The sky then burst with stories of great goddesses and gods, of chained queens, of hunters and heroes suckling on divine milk…

From influencing religious beliefs and architecture, to defining societal norms and marking calendars for agriculture, stars have inspired philosophers, beckoned travellers and now help us navigate the Galaxy and grow our knowledge of the skies. They are the dynamo of the Universe, factory of its elements and driver of its rattling events. They live eventful lives then fade away and die, donating matter back to the Universe, matter which may form new stars and planets one day. How do we learn about these heavenly bodies and what secrets do they hide? That’s a tale Dr Ghina Halabi will tell on this stellar ride.

Dr Ghina Halabi s a space scientist, storyteller, gender equality advocate and mentor. She works at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge and is a Junior Research Fellow of Wolfson College. Ghina is the first person to obtain a PhD in Astrophysics from a Lebanese institution. She is an invited speaker at several international astronomy conferences and interdisciplinary forums including the United Nations and TEDx. Active in public speaking and outreach, she founded “Scheherazade Speaks Science”, a science storytelling platform to make science accessible and promote the visibility of female scientists. She recently won the Cambridge University Public Engagement Starter Fund Award. When not pursuing stellar endeavours, jogging or gardening, she would be sailing with her husband in the English wind.

You can find out more about her at and check out her blog at @Dr_GhinaHalabi

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