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Maps, monsters and mazes in the fight against dementia

Monday 12 March: 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Department of Chemistry, Wolfson Lecture Theatre, Lensfield Road, CB2 1EW

How can a game help to defeat dementia? Join Alzheimer’s Research UK and enter the nautical world of maps, mazes and monsters in Sea Hero Quest.

Nearly 3 million people have downloaded and played Sea Hero Quest, producing a vast amount of data for scientists studying human spatial navigation. This is allowing them to create a global benchmark of navigation ability and how it changes as we get older. With this knowledge, the team can study how navigational skills change early on in the course of dementia, in the hope of creating a sensitive new test that can help to diagnose people earlier and with greater accuracy.

Hear Dr Saber Sami give insights from the data and how the team has revealed key differences between nations and changes during ageing in navigational skills. Prof Michael Hornberger will discuss his work with Sea Hero Quest in the clinic and how the virtual reality version of the game could pave the way for new ways to diagnose dementia. There will also be the opportunity to try out Sea Hero Quest in virtual reality and put your questions to the experts on this groundbreaking project.

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