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Mission: millets for the millions - introducing tasty treats from an ancient grain

Saturday 16 March: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Marquee on the Lawn, Downing Site, CB2 3EA

Millets are quick to grow, full of important nutrients and they are a key crop of the semi-arid tropics in Asia and Africa due to their resistance to heat and drought. This ancient grain has potential to become a main staple food again, however in many areas this cereal has lost popularity. In the UK, this small, golden, round seed is best known as bird food, but we want to demonstrate it is a very tasty food source for us as well. High in fibre and naturally gluten-free, it is a perfect addition to the modern food plate. From porridge, biscuits and cakes to curries and polentas, there are many delicious recipes to try. The focus on millets is part of the TIGR2ESS programme: Transforming India's Green Revolution by Research and Empowerment for Sustainable food Supplies. TIGR2ESS is part of the Cambridge Global Food Security IRC. You can read more about TIGR2ESS here:

This event is supported by EIT Food, as part of the #AnnualFoodAgenda project.

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Age: All ages, Hands-on, Drop in, Free