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The psychology of cognitive illusions: or why the mind is tricked

Thursday 14 March: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Lucy Cavendish College, Wood-Legh Room, Strathiard, Lady Margaret Road, CB3 0BU

Nicola Clayton (Professor of Comparative Cognition) and Clive Wilkins (Artist-in-Residence)
Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge

We will explore what cognitive illusions reveal about the psychology of the human mind; not just perception but also memory and the ability to mentally travel in time, to revisit our past experiences and reflect upon them, and to explore places we have yet to visit and imagine what they will be like. Magic effects also illuminate some important things about Theory of Mind, our ability to think about what others might be thinking, both on the part of the audience and on the part of the magician. Both mental time travel and theory of mind are constrained by egocentric bias, our tendency to overvalue the present self over other selves and other times.

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