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There is no Planet B: a handbook for the make or break years

Thursday 21 March: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Mill Lane Lecture Rooms , 8 Mill Lane, CB2 1RW

Presented in partnership with Cambridge University Press

We all know deep down that these are the “make or break” years for humanity and the planet and that we cannot flee to another world: but what can any of us really do about it? Professor Mike Berners-Lee, Lancaster University, offers a big picture perspective on our biggest environmental and economic challenges - energy, climate change, food, hunger, recycling, biodiversity, plastic pollution, antibiotics - just to name a few. Whether you are an everyday concerned citizen or a policy maker, Mike explains what we might actually do in order to help improve the lot of humanity on this - our only - planet.

Mike Berners-Lee thinks, writes, researches and consults on sustainability and responses to the challenges of the 21st century. He is the founder of Small World Consulting (SWC), an associate company of Lancaster University, which works with organisations from small businesses to the biggest tech giants. He is the acclaimed author of, How Bad Are Bananas?, The Burning Question, and most recently, There is No Planet B.

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