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Saturday 23 March: 11:00am - 4:00pm

Whittle Laboratory, Madingley Road, CB3 0DY

Ever wondered how jet engines can produce such awesome power? At the Whittle Laboratory we know all about jet engines and turbo-machines, in fact we work to make them more efficient by building models of engines and trying different designs to see how to make them more powerful or use less fuel.

At this event we will show you some of the exciting engine experiments we do; there will be tours of the laboratories where we have lots of different types of machines, and also a chance to see real engine parts (including one of the first ever steam-turbine engines). We have lots of wind tunnels and also models of engine components like compressors and turbines. We will also have a series of hands-on activities to show you how turbo-machines work. There will be a range of activities suitable for children (12+) and adults alike.

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Age: All ages, Hands-on, Tour, Drop in, Free