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Water, soil and air: the good, the bad and the useful

Thursday 21 March: 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Emmanuel United Reformed Church, The Garden Room, 72 Trumpington Street, CB2 1RR

Meet the inventors who are developing cutting edge, sustainable and low-cost technologies for the developing world. The Centre for Global Equality showcases how our Cultivator projects are using technology to provide clean drinking water to all, testing air quality, and using the earth to cultivate the good, eliminate the bad and make use of the useful.

The Centre for Global Equality (CGE) evolves inclusive innovation for global challenges. Our aim is to solve problems that undermine the well being of the poorer half of the world’s population.

Focusing on people who live on less than $3 a day, we facilitate collaborations between public and private sectors, academia and civil society, drawing particularly on capacity in one of the world’s leading universities and companies in the Cambridge Cluster - the most successful entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe.
The CGE programmatic pillars are research, practice and innovation.
• CGE co-founded and co-directs Cambridge Global Challenges, the University of Cambridge's network for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
• Innovative approaches to international development practise take place through the CGE's network of civil society organisations, which work with grassroots communities in over 50 low- and middle-income countries. This enables the co-creation of technologically advanced, locally appropriate solutions with the people facing global challenges on a daily basis.
• The CGE Inclusive Innovation programme supports innovation from problem definition through implementation to assessment of impact through a number of programmes. These include Development i-Teams, an International Co-Creation Travel Award Programme and the CGE Global Goals Innovation Cultivator.

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