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Catch up or listen again to some of our talks or lectures from the Cambridge Science Festival. 

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Cambridge Science Festival 2020

Hear from women at the forefront of zoology and conservation in a series of talks for International Women’s Day 2020. More information here.

Why do we still have a significant gender pay gap and only 20% female professors? What can we do to speed up progress? We need to look both backwards and forwards if we are to achieve true gender equality. To make International Women's Day, Professor Dame Athene Donald addressed these statements and discussed them in conversation with the Vice Chancellor, Professor Stephen J Toope.

Climate change and biodiversity are closely interwoven and we have seen in recent months a dramatic increase in awareness and activism on both. Lord Martin Rees, Dr Emily Shuckburgh and Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta discussed the urgency of our predicament and explored options for action. The panel discussion was chaired by science writer and editor Oliver Morton.


Cambridge Science Festival 2019