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Neural Knitworks at Cambridge Science Festival

Neural Knitworks: craft a healthy brain
National Office: Sydney, Australia

Join the award-winning Neural Knitworks team and get crafty to discover more about Cambridge Neuroscience. Create textile neurons from scientifically informed patterns and improve your own brain health.

Learn to knit, crochet or bind a neuron and contribute to an international collaborative art/science project about mind and brain health, enjoying entertaining presentations on leading research about the brain and mental health and making beautiful crafted brain cells at the same time.

Your handmade creations can become part of our huge woolly brain sculpture, made from neurons donated by volunteers from around the world. Yarn, needles, patterns (including a no-knit version) and helpful support from volunteers will be provided.

We need neuron makers!

In February and March 2018 we will visit community groups with an interest in brain science and mental health, encouraging participants to make textile neurons for our woolly brain exhibition and offering talks by neuroscience experts.

Send us your neurons!

We'd love to recieve knitted neurons for our exhibition! Please get knitting, wrapping and crocheting and send your creations to:
Cambridge Science Festival
The Old Schools
University of Cambridge
Trinity Lane

If you would like Neural Knitworks to visit your group, organisation or school or if you are a knitter willing to volunteer your time, please contact us.

To find out more about the project, head over to Neural Knitworks


The Big Stem Cell Knit - Saturday 17 March | 10am-4pm