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Schools Zone returns on Saturday

22 March 2018

Schools Zone takes place this Saturday 24 March, giving students the chance to showcase the scientific successes they have achieved at school.

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Cambridge Science Festival prepares for its second bumper weekend

21 March 2018

The annual celebration of science culminates this weekend, following a packed programme that aims to make sense of the world.

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Set your clocks forward as Science and Healthcare come alive

20 March 2018

This Sunday Cambridge Science Festival comes to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus to conclude two weeks of insight for our patients and local people.

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Children at Sawston’s Bellbird Primary School front malaria study at this year’s Festival

19 March 2018

Year 6 children at The Bellbird Primary School have been working with doctors to prepare display detailing the causes, effects and dangers of malaria.

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A knitted brain at the Central Library!

12 March 2018

There is a new sculpture in The Grand Arcade today - a knitted brain!

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What are the harms and benefits of breast cancer screening?

8 March 2018

As increasingly fewer women are going for breast cancer screening, one event asks how can we make sense of the increasingly polarised debate about the harms and benefits of breast cancer screening?

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Is time running out to tackle climate change?

5 March 2018

What action do we urgently need to take to tackle climate change? Are some suggested solutions too dangerous to undertake? What impact could these solutions have on our Earth?

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Top surgeons reveal the future of organ transplantation

26 February 2018

Organ transplantation is a miracle of modern medicine. However, a shortage of suitable organs is a major challenge. It is this challenge that has driven researchers in Cambridge and beyond to investigate new techniques and therapies.

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Making sense of the brain

16 February 2018

Is normal perception simply a controlled hallucination? How does the heart control our thoughts and feelings? How close are we to being able to repair brain damage? Could a game help to defeat dementia?

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New technologies: exploring the opportunities and the challenges

15 February 2018

How do new technologies reveal the past? What can mobile devices show about us and society as a whole? Can we trust AI systems? Why do we need to teach computers to speak? Is digital reading reducing our attention span?

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