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Cambridge Science Festival reveals surprising new insights into the mind

18 February 2019

A fascinating discussion that explores novel interventions to help change the way people think about and deal with violence and conflict headlines the list of events examining how our minds work at this year’s Festival.

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Cambridge Science Festival: food, glorious food!

15 February 2019

Could we really be eating insects in the future? How do we make the right food choices when it’s all so confusing? Do all these fad diets ever really work?

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Cambridge Science Festival examines the future of healthcare

11 February 2019

Will genomics revolutionise healthcare? What are the challenges to improving safety and quality in healthcare? Is immunology the future of medicine? Are we on the brink of curing Alzheimer’s disease? Discussion of these questions and more!

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Cambridge Science Festival: technology – what next?

7 February 2019

Are quantum computers the ultimate tool for discovery? Can we make algorithms trustworthy? Is technology making us miserable? What next for Alexa?

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Confronting the realities of climate change at Cambridge Science Festival

1 February 2019

From fashion and farming to policy and individual choice, every aspect of our life is being affected by climate change – one of the most critical and pressing issues of our times.

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From edible insects to 'sad dads': Sunday Papers Live pops up at the Cambridge Science Festival

31 January 2019

This special edition will feature some of Cambridge’s most engaging and fascinating science, health and technology speakers, as well as performance poetry, art activities, and great food and drink.

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Cambridge Science Festival returns for its 25th outing

21 January 2019

The 2019 Cambridge Science Festival is set to host over 350 events as it explores a range of issues that affect today’s world.

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Schools Zone returns on Saturday

22 March 2018

Schools Zone takes place this Saturday 24 March, giving students the chance to showcase the scientific successes they have achieved at school.

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Cambridge Science Festival prepares for its second bumper weekend

21 March 2018

The annual celebration of science culminates this weekend, following a packed programme that aims to make sense of the world.

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Set your clocks forward as Science and Healthcare come alive

20 March 2018

This Sunday Cambridge Science Festival comes to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus to conclude two weeks of insight for our patients and local people.

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