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From edible insects to 'sad dads': Sunday Papers Live pops up at the Cambridge Science Festival

Scientists join the likes of travel writer Tim Moore  & performance poet Ross Sutherland, for talks, walks & Sunday chilling!

31st January, 2018 – My Little Festival today announced that Sunday Papers Live will pop up once more at the Cambridge Science Festival (11-24 March) this year on March 24th.

The popular event, that runs regularly in London, brings the Sunday Supplements to life section by section, performance by performance. This special edition will feature some of Cambridge’s most engaging and fascinating science, health and technology speakers, as well as performance poetry, art activities, and great food and drink.

‘Programming the Cambridge Science Festival edition of Sunday Papers Live is always a joy,’ commented Alex Ruczaj, Marketing Director for My Little Festival. ‘There is such a wealth of talented and fascinating speakers– it’s hard to narrow down the list so it fits into one day! But we have once again got an incredible line up– including Professor Viren Swami, who will talk about his very personal experiences of post-natal depression in men, plus the travel sections will be represented by writer Tim Moore – with a talk about his new book Travels Through Trumpland, not to mention a bit of culture from award-winning performance poet Ross Sutherland. It will be such a varied day and there will be plenty of  Mimosa’s,  Bloody Marys and bean bags on hand too to help you relax and soak up all the fascinating information.’

“The Sunday Papers Live event is fast becoming a favourite amongst Science Festival regulars,’ commented Lucinda Spokes, Manager of the Cambridge Science Festival. ‘With a wide variety of brilliant Cambridge scientists, focusing on everything from volcanoes to edible insects, from human skeletons to biodiversity in gardens - the audience will get a hugely entertaining and stimulating Sunday afternoon. In addition, people can go on a walking tour focused on our theme ‘discovery’ exploring the places in the city where great discoveries were made. We can’t wait.’’

Speakers for the event, representing different Sunday Supplements include:

  • Columnist - Viren Swami  - ‘Dads Get Sad Too’ - Drawing on his experience of becoming a new father and being diagnosed with postnatal depression, Phycology Professor Viren Swami tries to understand why some dads get sad and what we can do about it.
  • Science & Technology – Emma Lui – Volcanic eruptions are a devastating natural disaster, that pose many threats, not least to communities living in their shadow. Emma Lui is a Research Fellow in volcanology at the University of Cambridge – she will speak about some of her work using 'drones' to take measurements within previously inaccessible volcanic clouds, in particular her work in Papua New Guinea, helping local scientists to predict future eruptions.
  • Gardening - Ed Turner - Curator of Insects, at the Museum of Zoology, will talk us through why wildlife has declined dramatically in the UK countryside, but in our cities and the green spaces of our gardens, wildlife is sometimes thriving. This talk will discuss some of the biodiversity in UK gardens, what everyone can do to turn an average garden into an outstanding miniature nature reserve.
  • Culture – Ross Sutherland, award-winning performance poet, will regale us with his entertaining ‘slightly’ scientific poems!
  • Science - Sarah-Louise Decrausaz –Sarah-Louise is a biological anthropologist at the University of Cambridge. With her trusty ‘bony’ assistant Harry, she’ll take you on a tour of the human skeleton, looking at what it can teach us about people living in the past and today.
  • Food - Charlotte Payne  –  Wil talk you through the future of food and how we could all be eating insects sooner than we think.  Find out how and why groups of people living in central rural Japan get together to hunt down nests of giant hornets, the deadliest creature in the country, and how they cook (and drink!) them afterwards
  • TravelTim Moore –is a travel writer extraordinaire with tales of travelling around the world on a bike, on foot, and more recently in an original Ford Model T- in which he took a bone shaking journey across Trump-land. His route takes him exclusively through Donald-voting counties, meeting the everyday folks who voted red along the way.
  • Culture - Activity - – Discover your talent for making art from nature!
  • Science - Walk– Guided Walk with the brilliant Cambridge On Foot – Find out where the key scientific ‘Discoveries’ were made and by whom! One of the most popular activities of the day – be sure to sign up when you arrive.  

Event Details

  • Tickets for entry to the event are £15 per adult, children 12-18 are £5.00 (under 12s are free, but the event is geared towards older children)
  • Tickets can be purchased online at or via   - buy in advance as they are very limited.
  • Ticket price includes all talks and entertainment, and a guided walk
  • Venue – Cambridge Wine Merchants Wine Bar, in the University Centre, on the river (Granta Place)
  • Food and drink will be available, and is in addition to the £15 entry

Food and Drink

Tasty food will be on offer at the venue + Cambridge Wine Merchants will also offer a full range of incredible wines, craft beers, and spirits. There will be a selection of wines available to complement the food perfectly. Customers can come to the bar and buy drinks throughout the event, during talks and activities. As a special Sunday Papers Live Offer, CWM will also offer a ‘bottomless’ option for Bloody Marys or Prosecco.

My Little Festival – Background

The team behind the Wildwood Disco, Sunday Best, Sunday Papers Live (Cambridge) and many more beautiful, and stylishly curated events My Little Festival was established in 2016 out of a desire to bring interesting, different and quirky events to Cambridge. Directors Vicky Fenton and Alex Ruczaj bring a combined 20 years of experience in events, production and marketing. They specialise in unique public & private events, bringing a distinctly London vibe, and a real attention to detail that delivers an outstanding and memorable customer experience. 

Sunday Papers Live– Background

Sunday Papers Live came out of a conversation in 2012 between two festival producers Ben De Vere and Joshua Greene about how to recreate the atmosphere of our festival discussion tents in a city. Originally produced as part of Secret Productions, with all the support a company like that can provide, it was placed under the Secret Forum banner - a brand assigned to all the talky-thinky things produced by the company. Ben still produces and programmes events for Secret Productions, MAMA, and others; most notably Wilderness Festival, as part of an amazing team of arts and culture bookers. Josh is now studying to become a Rabbi in Jerusalem. Secret Productions has also moved on to greater things. The editorial policy of Sunday Papers Live is proudly left of centre and works upon the assumption that everyone is interested in everything. We believe the old adage that there is no such thing as a bad pupil, only uncomfortable seats and a lack of decent cocktails. 

Science Festival - Background

Now in its 25th year, Cambridge Science Festival brings science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine to an audience of all ages through demonstrations, talks, performances and debates. Run by the University of Cambridge, the Festival draws together independent organisations in addition to many University Departments, Centres, Institutes and Museums. Find out more at: and follow us @camscience

Bookings for the Science Festival open on 11th February at 11am.