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From untied to united


This activity poses questions for discussion and debate: How can the diverse elements of society join together in a spirit of unity? Is it possible to have unity in diversity and a harmonious society, or is this too idealistic? What is unity? Is it our job to create unity? Is it important for building community? Is it a prerequisite for peace? How can we achieve it?

Based on a talk given at the Cambridge University Festival of Ideas.

Photocredit: Baha’i International Community

Further details


History, Language/literacy (English), PSHE, Citizenship, Humanities, RE, school assemblies


  • Key stage 3: secondary, 11-14 years
  • Key stage 4: secondary, 14-16 years
  • Key stage 5: 6th form, 16-18 years

Activity time

30-60 minutes