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Something fishy

Dr Helen Scales

Writer, marine biologist and broadcaster

Among all the animals alive today, fish get a bit of a raw deal. A lot of people think of them simply as food, which is no great surprise, really, seeing as the closest many of us come to fish is a tuna sandwich or a plate of fish fingers. And yet, down beneath the waves, fish lead amazing lives and get up to all sorts of surprising things.

For my talk in this year’s festival I’ll be revealing many of the great wonders of fish. I’ll bust a few myths (goldfish definitely have more than a 7-second memory) and show how fish lead colourful, noisy, thoughtful lives. They send messages to each other by drawing secret graffiti on their bodies; they sing songs, use tools, build elaborate sand castles on the seabed, and much more besides.

And I hope to convince as many of my audience as possible to become fish watchers. Whether you put on a pair of wellies and visit a beach at low tide, peer into ponds and rivers, or pull on a pair of goggles and jump in, there are loads of ways to explore the incredible world of fish and find out for yourself just how fascinating these animals can be.


Something fishy

2PM – 3PM