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Artificial-intelligence-assisted discovery in the battle against cancer and other diseases

Sunday 24 March: 2:30pm - 3:15pm

Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute, Li Ka Shing CentreRobinsons Way, CB2 0RE

Current biomedical research is generating vast quantities of data in a global effort to understand and treat a diverse collection of diseases. In order to make sense of these data-sets and extract useful biomedical knowledge, multidisciplinary interactions between biologists, data-scientists, engineers and mathematicians is necessary. Consequently, development of computational and mathematical methods to mine these vast data-sets is becoming extremely important. Machine learning & Deep Learning are Artificial Intelligence methods that can learn patterns and help solve these difficult scientific problems.

These technologies are helping develop computational algorithms that mine and analyse biomedical big-data, leading to exciting discoveries and design of new treatments. Dr Shamith Samarajiwa, MRC Cancer Unit, delves into some of these AI and data-science technologies and how they are improving healthcare in cancer and other diseases. It will also highlight how the integration of clinical and other scientific data such as genome sequencing is driving a revolution in machine intelligence that will improve early detection of disease, diagnostics and treatment.

Visitors are recommended to visit the Cambridge Biomedical Campus by foot, bicycle or bus but if you need to drive, reduced price parking has been arranged in Car Park 1. On leaving please take the un-validated parking ticket to the car park Customer Service desk, say you have been to Cambridge Science Festival to be charged just £2.90.

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