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LIMITED TICKET AVAILABLE: Scents and sensibility

Tuesday 13 March: 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Cambridge Regional College, Meet at reception ahead of time or Labs C133 / C013, Cambridge Regional College Kings Hedges Road, CB4 2QT

How is chemical structure is linked to smell? Molecular biologists and biochemists tell us how the brain uses signals from a smell to create a mental picture called aroma. We each have a unique sense of smell. Chemistry is exciting, making something new and seeing what effect the odour it has on us. It is horrible or nice? Does it remind us of boiled sweets when we were children? school dinners? or a soap our granny used to use? The link between these preferences and practical chemistry is fascinating – join us for a laboratory adventure into some smelly chemistry molecules!

Many features of our modern world rely on the technology of sensing: have you ever wondered why shop doors open as you approach or the screen in your i-phone rotates so that it always the right way up? Do you ever think about the domestic smoke detectors that protect you and your home day and night? Or even why airbags in cars only deploy at the right time?

These and many more ideas on the sensing devices, which have filled our connected, interactive world in the last 30 years will be demonstrated, with a few surprising results, in the Physics part of the Science Week display at CRC.

Please arrive in good time, practical activities start promptly at 5pm and the talk at 7pm.

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Lift, Accessible toilet, Full access

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Age: 8+, Hands-on, Talk, Arrive on time, Free