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LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR - A ballroom dance of electron pairs: a brief introduction to superconductivity

Saturday 16 March: 10:00am - 11:00am

Department of Engineering, Lecture Theatre 0, Trumpington Street, CB2 1PZ

Over a hundred years after its discovery in 1911, superconductivity remains one of the most intriguing and exciting topics in physics. When cooled down below their so-called critical temperature (usually lower than -250 °C), superconducting materials exhibit unconventional properties including electricity transport without dissipation and magnetic field repulsion from their interior.

After an overview of the physical principles underlying superconductivity, in this talk we aim to show how major breakthroughs in several fields including medical resonance imaging, railway transportation and particle detection have been made possible thanks to the unconventional properties of superconductors.

We also discuss some of the potential applications of superconducting materials in future technology such as superconducting spintronics, and explain the major challenges that the research community are facing to make them possible.

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