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LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR - The discovery of new viruses: what is in it for me?

Wednesday 13 March: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Department of Pathology, Lecture Theatre, Tennis Court Road, CB2 1QP

Every year, hundreds of new viruses are discovered. Some of them have always surrounded us, but only now, with advancements of technology, are we able to finally find them. Have you ever considered how a virus that jumps from one host (e.g. bat) to the other (e.g. human) can affect your life? What are the stories behind the viruses we are most afraid of? We invite you to join and participate in a discussion with scientists from the Division of Virology.

The panel members:
Dr Luke Meredith – a research associate, whose research is focused on viral pathogens in developing contries. He has worked on Ebola in Sierra Leone during the outbreak. Also, Luke has screened samples from all over the world (Vietnam, Brasil, etc.) for many different viruses including Zika or Chikungunya virus.

Dr Nerea Irigoyen – a postdoctoral fellow, establishing her own group to work on Zika virus.

Dr Aartjan te Velthuis – a principal investigator, whose group is working on Influenza virus, with a focus on pandemic strains.

The panel will be chaired by Ingrida Olendraite, who is working on discovery of novel viruses. (a 3rd-year PhD student at the Firth group).

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