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LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR - Maths: it’s all Greek to me!

Saturday 16 March: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site Downing Street, CB2 3RS

Maths: it’s all Greek to me!
You’ve probably heard of Pythagoras, Archimedes and Plato, but do you know the sins behind their stories? From murder and deceit to running naked down the street, the Ancient Greek mathematicians were anything but boring. I’ll be telling you all about their mischief – mathematical or otherwise – as I bring the history of maths to life (featuring live experiments and togas).

Dr Tom Crawford, aka the Naked Mathematician, is a maths tutor at three colleges at the University of Oxford with a passion for maths communication. His multiple award-winning website features videos, podcasts, articles and puzzles all designed to make maths enjoyable, accessible and entertaining for all! You can follow him on social media @tomrocksmaths.

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