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Saturday 17 March: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site Downing Street, CB2 3RS

Take a deep breath and jump into the incredible world of fish, with marine biologist Dr Helen Scales (goggles and snorkels optional). Find out how fish can live for 500 years, how their beards can glow in the dark and sometimes they talk to each other with farts.

As a writer, marine biologist and broadcaster Dr Helen Scales' work combines a scuba diver’s devotion to exploring the oceans, a scientist’s nerdy attention to details, a conservationist’s angst about the state of the planet, and a storyteller’s fixation with words and ideas.

Helen writes books and articles and makes radio documentaries; she searches for stories about the oceans and the natural world, of the wonders of science and people; and she does her best to spend as much time as she can in, on and next to the sea.

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Age: 12+, Arrive on time, Free