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Rising Stars

Sunday 24 March: 11:00am - 4:00pm

Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology, Robinson Way (Close to the Junction of Robinson Way and Long Road), CB2 0SZ

Meet our scientific stars of the future as they introduce you to their research, and be the first to try out their new hands-on activities.

Activities include:
Crucial creepy crawlies
Try our biodiversity challenge and see how important insects are for life on Earth. As climate change and human behaviour threatens habitats, help our wildlife by deciding which animals you keep in the wild and which end up in the zoo. The aim is to keep the greatest number of animals in the wild. Questions about biodiversity and wider climate change also welcome!

The Stuff of Legends
Human beings have always created new stuff from the materials around them, from the earliest religious offerings to the latest jet engines. Have technological developments changed the way we think about the stuff in our everyday lives or do we still find meaning in the different materials around us?

Sherlock Holmes and the mystery of protein uptake
You can discover so much about your body by analysing what you eat. There are many nutrients, including proteins, which are essential for good health and provides the building blocks of the body. Take a part in our game, where Sherlock Holmes is solving the mystery of who is telling the true about eating proteins and find out how nutritional research is conducted and you might get involved.

Batteries: are solids the solution?
Can you win the lithium-ion race? Try our hands-on activity to find out all about rechargeable battery electrolytes and decide if solids could be the solution to quench the thirst of better batteries. Featuring sweets, lemons and cheese!

Build your own “resistant” microbe
Microbes are everywhere and most often they fight each other! Can you build a microbe that will survive the microbial jungle? Your mission is simple: help your bacteria defend against a spiky opponent. Find out what antibiotic resistance is and meet scientists working on microbial interactions and drug side effects.

Tracers of the Invisible
We will study things that we can not see with four ingredients: light, gravity, dark matter and your face!
Discover how we detect invisible stuff! Will you be able to guess what is behind your face?

Which famous person knows best?
How influential are the most famous people from history? Are they connected enough to help you achieve your goals? Come and find out at my table of Network Science!

Race to Everest!
Do you have what it takes to make it to Everest Base Camp 5300m above sea level? Here, the air will be thinner, meaning the pressure of oxygen will fall. Find out about the adjustments your body needs to make to ensure enough oxygen is reaching your tissues.

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