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The 2015 Cambridge Science Festival

Welcome to the twenty-first Cambridge Science Festival. The year 2015 is the UNESCO International Year of Light and Light based Technologies and we have some fascinating light-themed talks and hands-on activities on offer during the Festival fortnight. Events will be recreating famous experiments which led to our...

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Speaker spotlights - Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey

Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey are an internationally recognised artistic partnership who made a name for themselves with their unusual fusion of sculpture, photography, architecture and biology. Their artwork explores processes of growth and decay working with organic and inorganic materials. Some of their most iconic...

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Healthy ideas

A tasty selection of events with a focus on health. How do diets work, overcoming antibiotic overuse, cancer evolution described using football as an analogy and why sharing our health data will lead to better treatments for us all.

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Serious free fun with science

Discover what your facebook says about you, get hands-on at the Corn Exchange, find out more about the statistics of our intimate lives and see how scientific knowledge can spread in the wild, messy world of popular culture.

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Total Comedy

Join us for a thought-provoking laugh at Cambridge Science Festival. Helen Arney is in her element, Robin Ince aims to work out why we believe what we believe and the Festival of the Spoken Nerd will be speaking nerdy to us all.

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Perky performances to pique your mind

From the lives of Newton and Darwin to tales of life in space and a chance to see your own thoughts.

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Latest news

Bigger bangs and squishier squelches

26 February 2015

Families and children are in for a real treat with bigger bangs, squishier squelches, lots more snot and icecream, simulated surgery, and a few robots wandering around at this year’s Cambridge Science Festival. Kicking off the first week, on Monday 9 March, Cambridge Science Centre open their exhibition, Extreme...

‘What does a subatomic duck say? Quark!’

25 February 2015

Once again, comedy is a big part of the Cambridge Science Festival with the likes of Ben Clover, Festival of the Spoken Nerd and Robin Ince presenting a rollicking showcase of nerdy humour throughout the two-week Festival, which runs from 9 – 22 March. What does it really mean to be human? This is the big question posed by...

Curtain-up for science-based theatre

24 February 2015

From the intimate lives of Newton and Darwin to personal accounts of obsessive compulsive disorder and the first humans on Mars, a choice of new and profound science-based theatre brings a dramatic edge to this year’s Cambridge Science Festival (9-22 March). Isaac Newton… heretic, alchemist, genius. On Thursday 12 March in...

Can work really make you healthier?

23 February 2015

The extent a workplace can improve health and wellbeing is the topic for an expert panel discussion sponsored by RAND Europe on Friday 13th March as part of the 21 st Cambridge Science Festival. Speakers at the event, How does work make you healthier ?, include Professor Dame Carol Black, Expert Advisor on Work and Health...

Is there such a thing as a right diet?

20 February 2015

The population is getting heavier, not lighter. People are spending more time being sedentary, often indoors and away from sunlight. To counter these issues, how much exercise should we do? What should we eat? Can we prevent obesity? How can we combat stress eating? Diet and nutrition are food for thought at this year’s...

Festival information

Cambridge Science Festival 2015
9 - 22 March 2015

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